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Well most of those who know me - know that ive been doing things to lose weight....but for those who dont, i'll give a breif summary......I started Lite n Easy a while back - because i really need to lose some weight....I really needed something quick and easy, because i just had to get my confidence back after putting on weight for almost 3 years, after having Lauchlan.....I lost 25kg with Lite and Easy....This was enough to get me really motivated and back into exercise etc...but i wanted to learn things for myself agian so about 5 weeks ago i joined up with Weight Watchers..... My weigh in is every Friday Morning at 9.30am - Today was OK.... i lost .03 (300g) - so that brings my total (with WW) to just over 3kg and a total of 28kg all up....Ive got 15kg to go til i reach my GOAL WEIGHT......getting there *g* (finally)

Tomorrow im going into the City with my older sister - we are going to the bridal fair, as she is getting married in October......I'm really looking forward to it, as I dont have to take Lauchie - and it should be a great Girls day out......

Its funny you know.......how certain things happen in your life before you realise what you've got and what you've been missing out on.....A couple of weeks ago, a friend of the family (who was very young) passed away - I went to the funeral and was absolutely gutted that someone so lovely, young and full of life could be taken from this earth - Michelle had been suffereing from arthritis for many years and was in a lot of pain, but she never once complained and always had time for her friends and family.....The passing of Michelle made me WAKE UP and realise that i had to make more of an effort with my friends and family - after all they may not be here tomorrow........So in a way im thankful for this 'awakening' and releaved that Michelle is no longer in any pain.......

Hug someone tomorrow and tell them how much you appreciate them and if you get a chance send a 'handwritten' letter to someone you've meaning to get in touch with for a while - you will feel better for it and so will they


Blogger Sam said...

I am totally with you on the weight loss wagon. You have done brilliantly to lose 28kg :) WTG

I have about 14kg to go to be at the top end of my goal weight.

Sorry to hear about your friend, sometimes it is a wake up call for us all when something like this happens.

February 27, 2006 7:51 pm  
Blogger fleurie said...

thanks sam.....
so true about the 'wake up call'...my life had really changed since then....and its funny because ive never been happier (about life etc)
Keep up the great work with your weight loss.. ive got about another 15 to go.....

March 01, 2006 9:01 pm  

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