A CARD....every other day

Well i was inspired by Gabbie to create a card a day...but i know i wont be able to stick to that...so i decided to do

A CARD.........every other day

at the moment im doing LOADS of chrissy cards...so im getting 2 things done at once...(im determined to MAKE my chrissy cards this year)

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i was inspired to do this card from this site Impress Stamps
I made the little pressies from last years Basic Grey Chrissy papers...and added some ribbon that i purchased from Ribbons Galore....and just inked the edges...pretty simple...but i love the card

so who would be interested in helping out all those card makers out there? I would LOVE to showcase YOUR cards here at my blog...just email them through...and ill upload them on my blog (with credit to the maker of course) At least if all my friends get involved...we will surely get a card a day......

The cards can be any theme...and there will be a prize each week for ONE lucky card maker....so come on send me your cards..... fleurie78@optusnet.com.au


We were all challenged at Scrappers Warehouse to do a layout...that would challenge US..and also make us step outside of our comfort zone

my challenge was to do a GIRLY GIRL layout and also to use the sewing machine
here is what i came up with

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you can see what the other girls did...in the SW Gallery
I used lots of glitter, swirls, and JEWELS...and yep i even used the sewing machine (cindy gave me a 'refresher' course....lol)


Halloween Sale @ Scrappers Warehouse

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Scrappers Warehouse in Narre Warren is having a HALLOWEEN SALE - Instore only

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Scrappers Warehouse Halloween SALE
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Tuesday October 31st 2006
Extended shopping hours
10am - 7pm
Genuine Stock Clearance (excludes CRICUT)
26A Webb Street, Narre Warren VICTORIA
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Hope to see you all there


Latest Layouts

Here are a few layouts...that i have recently done....some you may have already seen at Scrappers Warehouse

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The above layout was done using the new CRICUT machine...so much fun...and awesome results...cant wait to fiddle with the other cartridges...when they arrive.

more coming soon

as promised here are some more....ive been quite SLACK in uploading my latest layouts etc....so hopefully this will get me back on track....i say hopefully!

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this one was done for KIDSTON CRAFT (I'm not sure what is happening with the whole KIDSTON ambassador thing) But this was my first layout for them...using the Wooden it be nice papers and embellishments etc....

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I created this layout for Kellie...who won a layout designed by me for the Ngaire breast cancer fundraiser....i really loved how it turned out...and ive heard that Sophie loved the glitter....it was so hard scrapping for someone else...i was so nervous that it wouldnt be good enough...

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I went to the rocket park with cindy in narre....for the photos in this layout (we went solely to take pics...lol) I mainly used karen foster papers and embellishments for this one....The park was awesome....loads of fun things to play on...lauchie was very sad to leave....i will have to take him again one day soon...so that he can just have a play...and not do a photo shoot as well...lol!

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i just loved these photos of lauchie's bed hair...and couldnt wait to scrap them...i have used the new MM Cheeky range of papers etc for this layout

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I had the idea for this layout in my HEAD for ages and ages...i was actually going to do something very similar when the A-Z competition was running...but hey i started but never finished....
I used my index prints for this one...and some rubons and urban lily chipboard tokens

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I whipped up this layout...a couple of days after Holly's wedding.....just loved the photo of Holly looking on at the boys...and had to scrap it for her....i framed it and gave it to her....she loved it and now has it hanging on the wall....

ive been really slack in scanning and uploading my pages for the CJ that im currently in....so here are my pages for Lynne's CJ...titled ADDICTIONS.....We are doing an IN- HOUSE CJ at Scrappers Warehouse...so no postage etc....it has been fantastic...and i cant wait to see what everyone has created
page 1
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page 2
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well that is about it for now....will try and upload more images sooner....

edited 9.49pm to add a couple more...lol!

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I have only just completed this one....I did it for the AED gallery....as i had received all their NEW PAPERs a couple of weeks ago....just love the photo...and the title explains it all

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and finally...just a card using the new AED chrissy paper, ribbon, and some SU chrissy stamps


Monthly CROP at Scrappers Warehouse

Tonight is SW Monthly CROP - we are all dressing up in HALLOWEEN costumes so its going to be a great night....lots of photos will have to be taken.
Fiona is also organising some songs and a karaoke machine...so that should be intersting...how much scrapping we are all going to get done...will be intersting...lol!

Last wednesday...i taught my second installment for the Handbag class at SW....they are all coming together really nicely....cant wait for the last class...when we make the outside...and put the pages inside...will share some pics soon

I am also in the process of uploading some more layout pics...


More Wedding Pics

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Little Lauchie all dressed up...with my niece Jemma

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Holly with the very cool FORD GT

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Wedding Photos - First round

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Me with my sister Heidi - having a great time on the dance floor...lol!
The wedding cake - made by my Aunty Julie....it was just gorgeous...
and chocolate mud cake too....it was YUMMO!

My niece Jemma...who was the flower girl....she looked just gorgeous...and was so excited to be a part of Holly's wedding.
The bridal party - seated LtoR

Dale, Steve (both Marks brothers) Mark, Holly, Me, and Heidi

Lauchie was very impressed with the NOISY and FAST cars

I Had a fantastic day yesterday...at my sisters wedding..everyone looked gorgeous...and the weather held out for us....tfl

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In the Church at Boolarra

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Holly looking on....at the boys


Hens Night Photos

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Weddings, Banks, and a bruised Knee!

and Hens Night Photos....(see above POST)

Well today has been a BAD DAY!

Let me start by telling you what has happened so far.....
This morning after my shower...i sprayed on some "tan in a can"...in preperation for my sisters wedding this weekend....looking good.
But then i slipped on it (cos some went on the floor) so i landed on my knee - it is bruised and very sore...ive had the ice pack on it...so hopefully that helps a bit.
After that....i had to go to the bank to deposit a cheque and to withdraw some money from the ATM...all fine...
Then i stopped off to get petrol....and Guess what? Yep i had left the card in the ATM...so i went back to the bank and asked them for the card....they wouldnt give it to me..cos it was hubby's..The went on and on about the fact that i shouldnt even be using my HUSBANDS card...blah blah blah...Anyways a long story short... i got them to ring Hubby at home..and get him to write a letter giving me permission to recieve HIS card and then he faxed it to the bank while i waited there....GOT the card WOO HOO!
I also spent most of last night organising a Seating and Menu Poster for my Sisters wedding...it has taken me ages...but i had to get it done...so that i could get them printed up for the wedding on saturday....i rang up SNAP printing...and they were going to charge me $65 per A2 sheet (What the?) and then i tried Harvey Norman...and there's was a lot cheaper at $35 per sheet...but that was still TOO much for me to spend...so i sent the images to my sister and said she should get them printed up at work....cos i wasnt spending that sort of money...I should have thought of that weeks ago...oh well...lol! So i think that is all organised now
Tonight im getting waxed....and having a manicure and pedicure...
Tomorrow we have the rehearsal...so will be heading down to mum and dads sometime in the arvo...and thought i would just stay down there till the wedding...cos otherwise i would have to make too many trips...So friday we will be setting up the tables etc and table settings and the SATURDAY is the BIG DAY....will definately keep you all posted with LOADS of pic...Lauchie is going to look super Handsome in his little tux.....


What Ive been up too!

Friday...I went to the FIFTEEN restaurant for lunch
Saturday night...i had my sisters HENS NIGHT - oh my GOSH..watta night (might show you some photos if you are interested...but you will have to post a comment if you want to see them...lol!)
Sunday I opened and worked in the SHOP (scrappers warehouse) and was surprised by all the HALLOWEEN decorations- was hoping Cindy or Gaby didnt leave me a fake spider in the drawer.
Monday i scrapped for a class that i would be teaching on Wednesday night
Tuesday....i scrapped some more
Wednesday...i had my Handbag album class - PART 1 at Scrappers Warehouse
Thursday (today) I scrapped with Cindy and I finished off 2 challenges for SW
Tomorrow...im going shopping with my sister for wedding stuff

Saturday NOTHING!
Sunday working at the shop

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