Just got home....................

just got home from scrapping with Cindy - finished my Poppet page (well almost...just have to add the heads *g*)

Checked my emails and found out that i have had 2 more layouts accepted for publication - one for Scrapbooking Memories and the other for Scrapbook Creations.

Now im off to add my photo heads to the bodies on my poppet page....and also to get ready for my PUZZLE class tonight at Scrappers Warehouse

see ya!


Here are the 21st Cards, I promised!

Sorry girls....im not very orgainsed today (or this week for that matter)

but here are the images of the 21st cards i made for my little brother and his girlfriend - I used the ScrapFX numbers. Hmmm not the best photo of my little bro...he always seems to squint his eyes....but steph looks gorgeous.
Each card had a pen attached for signing!

Other news....today i had my first session at CURVES fitness - I signed up yesterday.
It was great fun....but i definately had a workout....I hope everything is going to be nice and firm soon....lol!

Today i worked at the shop (SW)....I also had a class in the morning
The class was the MM Coaster Kit....the results were amazing....such a great little class...with great results.

Tomorrow Im scrapping with Cindy and tomorrow night im teaching another class at SW - this time its the PUZZLE class...I have 10 girls booked in...so it has proved to be a very popular class....
Cant wait...its going to be a lot of FUN!

and finally, tonight... im planning on finishing a couple of class samples that i have started but havnt finished! Fingers crossed they get done


Productive weekend

Well ive been churning out the layouts this weekend *g*

I finished off a layout that i had been working on for quite a while (it needed something else - so i had just set it aside for like a month or so) found the right thing to complete it (well i hope so anyway)

I also finished off a layout that i started at Cindy's on wednesday - using the photos we took at the Rocket Park - you can see them here, in the Scrappers Warehouse Gallery.


Ive just finished off another layout - using the maya road alphabet letters (i have been wanting to use these letters for SO LONG) and i thought i would use them for an ABC layout, as lauchie has just learnt his alphabet...and he is forever singing the alphabet song around the house - this layout will hopefully be up in the SW gallery shortly

Scrappers Warehouse Gallery - keep checking in!

I'm working tomorrow at SW...so if you need anything tomorrow....head on down to the shop...I would love to see you!


'Grandpa' layout accepted for publication

Just had news that my 'Grandpa' layout has been accepted for publication in an upcoming edition of Scrapbooking Memories magazine

you can take a look at it here (in my blog archives)

im busy scrapping tonight!

see ya!


Can I sleep now?????

Im so tired (i know, i know...i should go to bed earlier and not chat so much on MSN....but i can help it - honest) Last Friday...Scrappers Warehouse had their monthly CROP...it was such a blast...there was 12 of us...all busy scrapping...we all had SO MUCH FUN...and there is SO MUCH room in the upstairs classroom...
I managed to make x2 21st cards (one for my little brother and the other for his girlfriend) but guess what? ...............I forgot to scan them...but i do have a photo on my camera of them both holding them up....so i will upload that onto my blog soon

insert photo of 21st card HERE

Saturday i was supposed to go to the MONTLY GET TOGETHER...but i decided not too...i was just too exhausted...had to say NO! But i heard the girls had a great time - shopping and chatting!

Sunday i was SO BUSY in the SHOP...couldnt believe it...one Scrapper after another...it was fantastic...Lucky Cindy came in to visit...otherwise i would have been run off my feet (even more than I was)

Just stocked up on the NEW KAREN FOSTER papers and embellishments....ive completed one layout already...and im starting on 2 more (Pirate and Rocket themed) Check out the new stuff from Karen Foster HERE - there is so much NEW STUFF...it goes for a couple of pages *g*

Monday...i did nothing but washing and cleaning the house!

Tuesday i worked in the shop...and Sandie popped in too see me....Hi Sandie!!!!
We had a few deliveries (love looking at all the new stuff - and i generally cant resist buying some of it) and i 'picked' some internet orders. I picked up Lauchie from daycare after work...and then we headed home...
Dale took lauchie bowling and i finally had some quite time to do some scrapping - but did that happen? NO!....i got chatting on MSN...oh well *g*

Today i caught up with Cindy, for our weekly scrappin' day together...we always get something done...Today we went to the Rocket Park in Berwick...such a great park for photo's (LOL)...so after the park...Cindy and I headed off to Harvey Norman to get our pics developed (eager beavers arnt we..lol) and then we headed back to Cindy's for a couple of hours of scrapping...I finished a dog layout - wait till you see this one *g*
and started another with the ROCKET photos....will show the layouts soon!

so now im pooped...can i sleep now?????


Layouts to share

Here are a couple of layouts...that i can share

the first...was a recent class that i taught at Scrappers Warehouse...it incorporated Circles (using the new EK Circle Cutter) and also hand-drawn stitching.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The next two...were created using the new Urban Lily range of papers and chipboard....i just love their new range!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


have a great week!!!!


Scrappers Warehouse CROP TONIGHT

Scrappers Warehouse is having their monthly CROP tonight from 7pm - 12 midnight...
We are all so excited...each month more and more girls are joining in...we will have to start running another one...to keep up with all the new girls who are loving the crops...The girls have been booking for the crops in advance...just so they know they get a spot...lol

I missed last months crop (as i was in Syndney) So im really looking forward to tonights....Ive written a list of things that i HAVE TO DO...or else...*g* So i will show you all later on...what i get up too......

Well im off to pack for tonight!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


New Goodies

Wow...I love working at SW . There are always new things coming in..and it always feels like christmas when im in the shop...

Gaby just go these in - they are so awesome

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

"What a bright idea! Light ideas from K and Company is the newest way to add sparkling illumination to your memories. The innovative LED technology, created especially for K&Company, powers dozens of tiny, multi coloured, non breakable light bulbs, which are designed to last a life time. With just the push of a button...instant sparkle" - infomation sourced from K&Co Website

Check them out here in the whats NEW section


I spotted this...........

............... tag questionnaire on Gabbie's blog...so i thought i would give it a go..

If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? I would love a half an acre block around berwick or beaconsfield...I still want to be close to everything...but also have my space as well....is that possible anymore??? The best of both worlds *g*

What’s your favorite article of clothing? definately my jeans and v-neck t-shirts

Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? arms

What’s the last CD that you bought? well i havnt bought any CD's of late...but i did buy 2 dvd's - The Dark Crystal and the Labyrinth (how cool are these movies - classics)

Where’s your favorite place to be? at home

Where’s your least favorite place to be? in the bush in a tent

What’s your favorite place to be massaged? shoulders

Strong in mind or strong in body? not sure..im weak in both areas....LOL

What time do you wake in the morning? about 8am

What’s your favorite kitchen appliance? definately my dishwasher and microwave

What makes you really angry? Poor customer service...nothing eerkks me more.

If you could play any instrument, what would it be? i always wanted to learn the violin...but im an utter nutcase with anything musical - i just dont get it

Favorite color? blue

Which do you prefer, sports car or SUV? SUV

Do you believe in afterlife? I really dont know...i would like to beleive there is something else...after this life...but who knows

Favorite children’s book? Where the wild things are...and the The Little old lady who ate a.....

What is your favorite season? Summer

What’s your least favorite household chore? handwashing dishes and ironing

If you could have one super power, what would it be? to click my fingers and the housework and dinner is done

If you have a tattoo, what is it? a rose on my right ankle

Can you juggle? NO!

The one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to? My Nanna

What’s your favorite day? Fridays

What’s in the boot of your car? A pram and green shopping bags - and who knows what...lol

Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburgers? sushi - california rolls with wasabi and pickled ginger

thanks Gabbie...anyone else who wants to tag themselves....go ahead *g*


....and the winner is????


Congrats Natalie...you are the 10th person to post a comment with your favourite scrapbook product....well done....how awesome!!!!

Natalie said...
Hi Fleurie, I have been blog hopping and here you are. Remember me...??? As you know my favourite product is anything by Making Memories. Natalie
August 13, 2006 8:02 PM

Just email me with your postal details...and ill send it out to you asap

woo hoo!!!!

more prezzies to come soon


First Ever FREEBIE

Ok girls...i know you've all been 'keeping your eyes peeled'...so here is the first ever FREE GIVE AWAY!!!!
The 10th person to leave a comment about their favourite scrapbook item.....will win these stamps....absolutely free (postage will also be covered by me - will only post within Australia)
Please note....one of the stamps has been used...you will not be receiving a brand new product!
So come on girls...this is an easy one...leave a comment...its that simple!!!!


Interesting BLOG reading

Cindy put me onto this blog

Scrapbook Critic - it makes some very interesting reading...and also good for a giggle too...check out how many comments this blog receives...amazing....

Let me know what you think!!!!1

So busy

So sorry everyone....ive been neglecting my BLOG a bit of late....Ive just been SO BUSY...with travelling to Sydney, making up Class Samples, DT commitments and everything else that goes with scrapping and also running a family....
Ive been busy in the shop on Tuesdays and Sundays...and ive also been doing a bit of Scrapping with a friend once a week (thanks Cindy)
I finally finished my Scrapbook Creations layout for the "Workstation" competition - so fingers crossed for that...i was really pleased with how my layout/concept turned out...
As i mentioned above...ive been busy working at SW...im loving this so much....LOVE working in the shop and meeting new people and also people that i know online...its fantastic.....I just love all the new stuff that comes in too...its like Christmas everytime i work...Love it
Ive done quite a few NEW layouts....you can check them out in the gallery at Scrappers Warehouse...I will upload some of them here on my BLOG soonish....

Expressions of Interest are been taken at Scrappers Warehouse (in the Forum) for Cybercrops....please head over there and have a chat with us and if you are interested in doing some Cybercrops at SW leave a comment in the Cybercrop thread...They are always great fun....and the added bonus is you can win prizes for scrapping too....so head on over for a chat

Tonight im scrapping up a storm (well intending too - another thing if it happens) at Scrapbooking Top 50 as they are hosting their cybercrop tonight...

Tomorrow im working in the shop from 12 - 4pm...so if you live in the area...would love some visitors....Its great having the shop open on Sundays...the amount of time Ive been scrapping and needed something.....*g*

Well i will be off now....talk to you all soon
Lots of exciting things coming soon....and of course ill have lots of layouts etc to show you all VERY, VERY soonish *g*

and dont forget....keep your eyes peeled for FREE STUFF!!!!

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