Get Ready.....heaps of photos

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Well as i mentioned before...today was the day i went to the FIFTEEN restaurant in melbourne....i ended up going with my cousin...cos DH pulled out at the last minute (due to work commitments - bummer)

Here is the menu and a little printed message from Jamie

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We got to keep the menu's...they are really cool...it has todays date printed on the top too (great for an avid scrapbooker like me....lol)

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Front Doors

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Looking down into the kitchen from the front door - the whole layout of the restaurant was fantastic...you could see what was happening in the kitchen...pretty much anywhere

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The bar area

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My cousin and i...standing in front of the serving area/kitchen

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The outside of the menu (I know...lol! But i thought it looked FUNKY)

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Toby cooking away...he even smiled for the camera....and if you look closer, you can see that he is using a Jamie Oliver frypan - how cool *g*

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Me with my Main Dish - it was scrumdillyumcious

Well we didnt get to see Jamie (I pretty much figured he wouldnt still be around) but it was fantastic meeting Toby...and the restaurant was absolutely BRILLIANT as a whole - great food, great service and a great atmosphere.....10/10

hope you enjoyed the pictures...now for some HOT PINK cardstock to create a Fifteen inspired layout...lol!

Lunch at Fifteen - Melbourne

Well today was the day...that i was ment to dine with Jamie....but he had already left (bummer), but Toby was there...and he even smiled for the camera....

The food was DELICIOUS....and the place looks FANTASTIC

will post pics soon.....


More Class Samples...and a parcel!

Hi everyone....
Ive just taken some photos of another class that i taught at Scrappers Warehouse
This class involved making little picture wall hangings

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This one was done using baby blue papers and a photo of little Lauchie when he was a little baby (seems like such a long time ago now)

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This one is done using a wedding photo of dale and I....printed on Canvas paper

Sorry about the 'not so perfect' photos...but hopefully you will get the idea...lol!

and for the parcel

I couldnt resist any longer...so i ordered some more Stampin' Up Stamps from Jayne...and they arrived at my front door a little while ago...i also got some gorgeous coloured ink pads
Check out my stamping goodies

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Oh and before i forget....go and check out SW Gallery....there has been heaps of NEW uploads

Tomorrow I'm teaching in the shop...i have a kids workshop (for the school holidays) and also a birthday party in the afternoon....so busy, busy, busy....

catch up agian soon


Coaster Class

I recently taught a class at Scrappers Warehouse using the MM Coaster Kit
Here are the results

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I had so much FUN creating these little coasters.....i wanted to make them 'mini pages' instead of just plonking a photo onto some patterned paper....


dont forget (if you live in the area) pop into Scrappers Warehouse - Webb Street,
Narre Warren to see loads more CLASS samples....Lots of great ideas coming soon for classes next year


Layouts to Share

i know ive been pretty slack with getting layouts uploaded on blogger...but ive finally got my butt into gear...so here are a few (that you may have already seen) layouts done exclusively for Scrappers Warehouse

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Now I Know My ABC's
I had wanted to do a layout about Lauchie learning his ABC's.

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Oranges - take 1
This layout had me stumped for ages - it just needed that something else down the bottom

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Oranges - take 2
so here is the second take on this layout

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In The Dog House
No we dont have a new dog...i borrowed this one from my friend Cindy..lol!
Just had to scrap these photos - Lauchie had a ball climbing in the dog kennel (or cubby house - as he referred to it)



Lunch with JAMIE.....

.....well hopefully i will get to meet the guy.

I managed to book a table for 2 at the new Melbourne FIFTEEN restaurant, at the end of this month....so im so excited....
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I cant wait!

Other NEWS
Lauchie has been quite sick with gastro...and dehydration...so im worn to a frazzle myself...lol
Just trying to make him drink something every 10 mins or so...so that he perks up a bit...

I had my blinds and verticals installed today - and what a disaster...things are damaged...and some things are not even what i ordered (fabric wise)....but its my word against them....i was so upset today....hopefully tomorrow will be a great day.



Demo CRICUT MACHINE instore now

Scrappers Warehouse - Narre Warren Premier CRICUT Seller

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As SCRAPPERS WAREHOUSE is a PREMIER seller of the soon to arrive CRICUT machine - I'm SO EXCITED to let you all know that we have secured a DEMO model...that is instore NOW...
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"From Provo Craft, a leader and innovator in scrapbook materials and designs, comes Cricut, a revolutionary breakthrough in paper shaping. Cricut™ is your personal cutting system that does not require a computer. Its cartridge-based system allows you to cut thousands of beautiful shapes, letters, and phrases in a variety of sizes and styles with just the touch of a button."

You can phone the girls at Scrappers Warehouse to orgainse a demo...of this eagerly awaited machine...Everyone at SW is so excited by this AWESOME machine - and we have all been having a lot of fun playing with it and making up examples, for you all to see - check out the store...and also the gallery (as there will be loads of examples demonstrating the CRICUT machine - coming soon) find out further information at Scrappers Warehouse or to organise a demonstration.

As Scrappers Warehouse is a Premier seller of the new Cricut machine...they will also be stocking the FULL range of Cricut items...when they arrive in Australia


Cybercrop on tonight

Just to let you all know where ill be tonight

There is a cybercrop on at Alison Ellis Design tonight - kids challenges + 5 other challenges - great fun...and fantastic prizes to be won.....

so if you havnt got anything planned for tonight head on over to:

AED Forum


Tagged...again *g*

this time ive been Tagged by Jolene

1. Which famous person would you most like to learn that you are descended from?
it would be cool to be a descendent of anyone famous - that was also a nice person

2. Which famous person would you hate to learn that you are descended from?
would have to say Hitler also or anyone NASTY

3. If you could be ancestor to any living famous person, who would it be and why?
I dont know - these questions are too hard..lol

4. If you could go back in time and meet any known ancestor(s) of yours, who would it be?
anyone from my family's past would be fantastic...i would tell them to buy shares in coca cola etc...and then we would be rich...lol

ok all done
now whoever wants to do this tag...go ahead...i cant think of another 5 friends (sad i know)


Ive been TAGGED

Ive been tagged by Cindy (from TCA)


List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Dont forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

First I will Tag: Belinda, Mardi, Jolene, Vicky, & Gabbie

Weird Things about ME

1. I have to knock on wood, when ever i say or think something bad..and 3 times

2. I used to have DEAD straight hair...now its curly! (has been for about 10 years...lol)

3. If i cant find both of my slippers (happens a lot) i just wear one (im a dork I know)

4. any NEW purchases (including scrapbooking supplies) have to stay in their packaging and in a special spot for at least a couple of days

5. I can wiggle my ears

well i hope that entertained you all.....thanks Cindy....i had a giggle at yours....cant wait to read what others write

and please dont pick on me about any of my WEIRD things *g*


RAK'ed by the lovely Cindy

I was at work today...and cindy came in bearing gifts

This is what i got - the cutest HOT PINK carry tote

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how cool is this? As you can see ive already put some of my supplies inside....how cosy do they look in there? LOVE IT....thanks heaps Cindy....mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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