I gave in to the KRISPY KREME temptation

Yep on my way home today...i thought i would check out the lines at KK....they werent too long...so i hopped in the line for the drivethrough....I waited around 20 mins....
Ive had KK before...in the USA...but thats almost 10 years ago now *g*....they are really yummy....but i dont know why people would wait 4 hours....thats CRAZY *g*
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I got the sampler pack....A dozen original glazed and a dozen variety....my fav would definately be the original glazed and the 'good ole' cinnamon and sugar donut....not a huge fan of the cream filled ones....
Ive been again now...wont need to go again for another 10 years LOL......


Worked Today

I worked today at Scrappers Warehouse....it was very exciting and BUSY.....
They have 20% off Storewide at the moment, til friday!! Ive already managed to pick up some BARGAINS....who can resist the word SALE????

Tomorrow I'm catching up with a friend for lunch...cant wait....*G*

Last weekend I helped my sister and her fiance' move into their new house - this weekend Dale and i (and lauchie too) are trekking up to Renmark S.A for his sisters 30th...so busy, busy....

will have some more LO's to show you all shortly....otherwise check some out in the Scrappers Warehouse Gallery


My last night at CRAFT ATTIC

Im kinda sad tonight....its my last ever CYBERCROP at The Craft Attic...Ive thouroughy enjoyed working for Debra at the Craft Attic...loved every minute in fact....but its now time for me to move on.....

Most of you already know....but for those who dont...this is why I'm leaving TCA

I have been offered an awesome Oppurtunity at The Scrappers Warehouse in Narre Warren....teaching my classes as well as, occassionally working in the shop...Its a fantastic store with loads of goodies and lovely staff....so im really looking forward to taking the next step....

I have also been fortunate enough (and totally thrilled) to be offered a design position for Kidston Craft (a wholesaler who supplies to scrapbook shops) So as you can see Im going to be super busy....but im also doing something I LOVE and im so thankful to have been given these WONDERFUL oppurtunities......I cant wait to see what the future brings.....

would love to meet some of you....and if you are interested POP in to Scrappers Warehouse and join in on one of my classes - that will be starting in August 2006...would really love to see you there.


Kidston Craft Ambassador

Well I happy to say i can reveal 1 of my 2 little secrets....*g*

I have been asked by Kidston Craft to create some scrapbooking projects using their products - im so excited...because they have some awesome NEW LINES in at the moment....
Here is a peek at my first goodie pack - it felt like Christmas when i saw the parcel at the front door...*g*

Over the Moon Press - 'Wooden this be Nice' range
papers, rubons, overlay stickers, stamps....
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well i had better get scrapping! lol

Oh and dont forget....The Craft Attic is having thier cybercrop on this FRIDAY (23rd) night from 7.30pm...there will be 4 challenges + a kids challenge and of course loads of fun and inspiration....There are prizes to be won for each challenge....so i hope to see you there


To Do List

well my list seems to be getting longer....but i am actually ticking a few things off too...so thats good *G*

* think of a topic for the SW Circle Journal
* Create a demo LO for a kids class - done
* Do some LO's using some of my wedding photos - done
* Create a LO using the NEW AED vellums
* Do a LO using photos from the Rusty Pickle class - done
* Class ideas
* submit current LO's to magazines
* post off Clown LO to SM - done


The Craft Attic Get Together - #2 'Paper2, Mornington

Well today was our second get together...We all met up at Paper2 in Mornington.....WOW...its big...but i found this really daunting, and didnt leave with much *g*....but its an awesome shop and there is loads of stuff...
It was great to meet Sam and Kezza (kerryn) and also catch up agian with Simone and Vicky.....we all managed to buy some goodies and then we headed up to Maccas for a chat and 'show and tell' of our purchases....

here is a pic (sorry im taking the photo *g*)

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Simone, Vicky, Sam and Kerryn

next month we are going to Krispy Kreme's and then onto The Scrappers Warehouse in Narre Warren...any newbies who would like to join us....just PM me *G*


Last night I scrapped and talked to my hearts content at Scrappers Warehouse ...I managed to get 1 LO done and started another - that i finished off today....It was a fantastic night and we were spoilt rotten.....We each got little goodie bags
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
sorry about the dodgey scan...but how cute were the little goodie bags and I just love my Large MM letter 'L'....

Here is The LO...i completed last night

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I printed the photos on canvas paper - i just love how they turned out

and here is my second LO that i started...but only got finished today....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I used only Rusty Pickle products for this LO (excluding the ribbon)...all of which are available at Scrappers Warehouse....
I will get into my little goodie bag and attempt the challenge from last night....you will be able to see what everyone creates from their goodies at the SW gallery shortly....


Definately SCRAPPIN' this weekend

Ive got a busy weekend of scrapping this weekend....Tomorrow night I'm going CROPPING at Scrappers Warehouse from 7 till midnight...woo hoo...Im determined to get something done on the night....I will TRY not to CHAT too much *g*

My list to do....is as follows:

* think of a topic for the Scrappers Warehouse Circle Journal
* Create a demo LO for a kids class
* Do some LO's using some of my wedding photos (no...Im not newly married...it was like 4 years ago *g*)
* Create a LO using the NEW AED vellums
* + more scrapping

On Saturday...a group of us are meeting up a Paper2 to go shopping ....so im sure that will be good....we are trying to organise a monthly meet up...next month we are meeting up at Scrappers Warehouse and of course swinging by Krispy Kreme *g*
Anyone who wants to join our monthly Scrappin Get Together...is more than welcome...its a great day out...to chat and of course BUY Scrapping Supplies -either PM me or email...and i can give you further details....


Long Weekend

Today we went to see CARS...and wow it was fantastic...its right up there with Toy Story and Monsters Inc....Lauchie was pretty good...he got a little restless in the middle, but overall he was fantastic and he really enjoyed it....
I finished Tamara's CJ for the Craft Attic yesterday....so that's one more thing to cross off the list....I was really pleased with how it turned out....I hope Tamara likes it too!!!
Tomorrow is a public holiday here in VIC...so not sure what we will be up to...but im sure ill find something to do...would love to get some more scrapping done....

My pages for Tamara's Heartfelt Journalling - page 1
(sorry about the dodgey scan - ooops)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I have used the Sassafrass Lass papers and die-cuts
for these papers....

Page 2 - journalling is hidden
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you can see more Craft Attic Circle Journals here


Busy, Busy, Busy

Well...as you can see from my BLOG...ive been super busy...Ive done heaps of new LO's etc...but unfortunately I cannot show you all just yet....sorry....*g*

There are a few BIG and EXCITING things happening in the next couple of weeks....all will be revealed shortly....

Im also trying to organise a trip up to Sydney for Paperific...how cool would that be....Ive never been away from Lauchie...or DH for that matter.....so it could be interesting....but if it all happens, Ill be really excited as well...

At the moment I'm also doing some Mag work....Tamara's CJ for the Craft Attic, some things for a wholesaler, and a BOM at Scrappit....+ all the other stuff....so i better get back to it......


Cars the movie....cant wait

Im so hanging out for this movie...and so is Lauchie *G*
We are planning on going to see it at the cinema on Saturday...as its released this Thursday...
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you can check out more information about the movie - like previews and sneek peeks - it looks way cool - Cars the movie

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Last night i went to see STOMP in the city.....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It was a fantastic show....and i really enjoyed myself.....may just have to get back into the 'whole' theatre scene again *g*

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