Self Portrait Saturday - aka Tuesday

Well i promised you that i wouldnt pike on this exercise...........so ive come up with the goods........just a little late.......ooooopps......
Now let me explain the 'funny' look on my face.....Lauchie was actually the photographer for this one, so i figured i would pull a funny face..............and because i had a low cut top on....i felt it would be best for everyone if i put my hand there *g*....So 'Ta Da' - my first 'Self Portrait' mug shot....they can only get better right?........or worse!!!!! I was thinking about converting it too Black and white............isnt it funny how you always think that B&W will make you look better *g* (well I do anyway - anyone else going to confess to this???) Anyway as you can see, Ive left it 'true' - you can see my 'temporary' (2 year old) curtains in the background and my lovely 'floral' sofa bed (that i wanted to get recovered - but it was too expensive) that is lovely, with a slight brown tinge *g*

feel free to comment...................................


So Little Time - but SO MUCH to tell!!!

Well ive been super slack in the BLOG department......but not in my day to day living...
I promise i will get my 'Self PortraitTuesday Picture' up soon - im not piking yet....just been super busy..... It may end up a 'Self Portrait Sunday picture' instead *g*

I had some fantastic news a couple of days ago - Alison and Maynard from Alison Ellis Design asked me to join their Design Team - Im so thrilled about it and I'm definately looking forward to the inspiration it will bring.....I have already made some WONDERFUL friends through AED and im looking forward to all the exciting things that will be happening this year.....

In this months For Keeps Magazine - I have some 'Mini T-Shirt Albums' featured towards the back.....I havnt seen them yet, as i had no idea they had been published yet......Will have to go and get myself a copy TODAY......

Tonight I will be posting challenges for the Craft Attic Cybercrop ....Tonight we will be having 5 challenges, including a juinor category.....We will also be having 'Instant Winners' (more information tonight)....It all starts at 7.30pm tonight (Victorian time) and you will have until 5pm Sunday to upload all your pieces of work....hope to see you there.....

In about and hour. I'm off to have my 'weigh-in' at WW.......I will let you know how i go....fingers are crossed....It could go either way this week *g* (oooops)

Chat again soon

thanks also for your lovely comments girls - I really enjoy them xxxooo


Craft Attic DT CHALLENGE - Feb 2006

Each month - Debra from the Craft Attic sends us (the DT members) some goodies to play with.....
This month we received the following:
Basic Grey cardstock tags
red ribbon
Karen Foster
scrappers rings
Karen Foster loopy brads
7Gypsies sheet of motherhood stickers.

I hope you like what i came up with......The photo is of Lauchlan and I - just after he was born at Dandenong Hospital....Gosh i look 'slim' there - even though i had just given birth (funny that)
Other materials I used include: metal tab charms, mini rings, basic grey 'undressed' letter M, junkitz green glitter....
I havnt decided fully, if its finished yet....not sure if it needs a little something else.....will see *g*

You will be able to see what the other DT Members came up with, shortly......by clicking here.

Woo Hoo - Another Publication

Just found out my "Cupcake Mini album" is getting published in an upcoming Scrapbook Memories Magazine - Yipee
This piece has been one of my favourites for ages - I originally did it for the Scrapbook Memories Masters last year, so im really proud that it has finally been accepted for publication (even if it isnt for the masters *g*)


self portrait tuesday: Rules and Info

self portrait tuesday: Rules and Info

Oh im so looking forward to doing this - but im also petrified......The last 3 years, I've hated having my photo taken and now im going to take on a self portrait every Tuesday......holy crap I'm confident though (at this stage) and im hoping i will stick to it - I think its something i really need to do FOR ME and my road to 'Pure Happiness' (with myself)......Here's too TUESDAY's


Check out this link for an ad (for DOVE) that was showcased on TV during the superbowl in the USA

Campaign for REAL beauty

get your tissues!!!!

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Sunday, Sunday

Well yesterday was great - i just want to get married all over again......seeing all the beautiful dresses, flowers, table settings etc.....was heaps of FUN....
My sister and I got some great ideas......so more things should start happening in the next couple of weeks.....Im helping her design her invitations and all the paper has been ordered for those....
We had a nice lunch at a Japanese restaurant on Bourke Street....mmmmmmmmmmm I love Japanese....
My younger sister came over for tea - we were naughty and had pizza (ooooh oooooh) - extra walks this week.....Im determined to lose at least 1kg this week....(fingers are crossed very tightly)
Today is 'Clean up the House Day' - Ive already done Lauchie's room and put a load of washing on.....now to get onto our room and the ensuite and then vacuum the whole house.....Its such a beautiful day here today - might take Lauchie to the park this afternoon for a play.....

I'll be back later to chat again sooni


Weigh In Today

Well most of those who know me - know that ive been doing things to lose weight....but for those who dont, i'll give a breif summary......I started Lite n Easy a while back - because i really need to lose some weight....I really needed something quick and easy, because i just had to get my confidence back after putting on weight for almost 3 years, after having Lauchlan.....I lost 25kg with Lite and Easy....This was enough to get me really motivated and back into exercise etc...but i wanted to learn things for myself agian so about 5 weeks ago i joined up with Weight Watchers..... My weigh in is every Friday Morning at 9.30am - Today was OK.... i lost .03 (300g) - so that brings my total (with WW) to just over 3kg and a total of 28kg all up....Ive got 15kg to go til i reach my GOAL WEIGHT......getting there *g* (finally)

Tomorrow im going into the City with my older sister - we are going to the bridal fair, as she is getting married in October......I'm really looking forward to it, as I dont have to take Lauchie - and it should be a great Girls day out......

Its funny you know.......how certain things happen in your life before you realise what you've got and what you've been missing out on.....A couple of weeks ago, a friend of the family (who was very young) passed away - I went to the funeral and was absolutely gutted that someone so lovely, young and full of life could be taken from this earth - Michelle had been suffereing from arthritis for many years and was in a lot of pain, but she never once complained and always had time for her friends and family.....The passing of Michelle made me WAKE UP and realise that i had to make more of an effort with my friends and family - after all they may not be here tomorrow........So in a way im thankful for this 'awakening' and releaved that Michelle is no longer in any pain.......

Hug someone tomorrow and tell them how much you appreciate them and if you get a chance send a 'handwritten' letter to someone you've meaning to get in touch with for a while - you will feel better for it and so will they


Hello and welcome to my Blog

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, after much dileberation (and a few attempts) Ive finally got my blog up and running (well i hope thats the case *g*)
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