Fires in my home town of Mirboo North



THis is where i grew up....and where my parents still live.
Its pretty scary to think that the fire is going through this beautiful area in Gippsland.
My parents are pretty close to evacuating
SO fingers crossed their house is spared.....


Why me???????

Yep....just when i thought I was bouncing back.

I was HIT with a bad case of an ALLERGIC REACTION to my last lot of antibiotics that I was taking for my Tonsilitis. Who would have thought I would be allergic to Penicillin after all these years of suffering with Tonsilitis.

Sunday I was so tired and my head and knees felt really itchy...but I didnt think anything of it.
Monday morning around 4am I woke up feeling extremely itchy. I felt raised bumps all over my body. I got up and looked in the mirror and what i saw looking back at me was a FREAK...lol!
My eye lids were the size of golf balls and my entire body was covered in a REALLY ITCHY rash - it was NASTEEEEEY!

Today the rash has spread even more....and im embarassed to go out in public....lol!
I have to return back to work tomorrow (I had to have a couple of days off....even though I have no sick days left) I just hope the rash has gone from my face.

On Monday

Me Today




I have a good excuse.....honest!

I have been 'knocked' over again with a bad case of TONSILITIS - this is the 3rd case of it, in as many months.
This time around my left tonsil decided to TRIPLE in size and cause me ALOT of pain.
I was unable to eat for 3 days....and drinking water and swallowing my medication - brought tears to my eyes. (weigh-in on friday should be good....lol)

On the mend today....so lets hope its the last i see of TONSILITIS for a while atleast....

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