Cybercrop Creations

Here are the 2 LO's i came up with last night for the Craft Attic Cybercrop...I still have 2 more challenges to get done
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This LO was done using different ribbon techniques....It still needs something else up the top....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Craft Attic CYBERCROP this Friday night - 26th May

Well its that time again....

FRIDAY 26th of MAY @ 7.30pm

some tips for the 4 challenges have been posted in the FORUM....so come on over and check them out....Hope to see you all there on Friday night...GREAT PRIZES to win too!!!!




Ok...here is a very exclusive view of a CLASS that i will be teaching at a new scrapbook shop (more details soon - sorry) This LO will be taught in either a girl theme or a boy theme - therefore it should meet every scrappers needs or wants *g*
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hope to see some of you at my classes - further details coming SOON.....


Latest Creation

This is a LO i did for the May Top50 Scrapbooking competition. We had to use 3 different patterened papers...was harder than i thought *g*...I chose the chatterbox papers...SO NICE
I based this Layout on the recent time and date....that will not happen agian for another 1000 years.

01:02:03 (time) 04/05/06 (date)

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We caught up with Lauchie's Great Grandma on Wednesday night...She lives in Adelaide...so we dont get to see her much...but she had come down to Melbourne with a friend to see The Lion King...
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from LtoR: Dale, Barbara (Great Grandma to Lauchie and Grandma to Dale and Patrick), Patrick (Dale's Brother) and little Lauchie down the front...

K&CO Mini Box Album

Here are some pictures of a mini album that i did for Lauchie's Great Grandma (Dale's Grandma) You can purchase these K&Co Kits from Debra at the Craft Attic - they are just GORGEOUS...I just love the colours used in this kit..and you receive everything that you need.
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Today i received an awesome surprise in the mail...

As most of you know i was asked to do a LO for Scrap FX for the 'Picture to Page' event in Burwood earlier this month...(refer to LO "adore" - in the slide show)...I received my LO back + a box full of goodies...Im so excited and eager to scrap some more pages using these awesome products from Scrap FX....I received the following items: Chisel alphabet pack (upper and lowercase), Crystal Clear alphabet pack, Interchangeable Jigsaw (large and small), Wordlets (Little Man).....so many goodies to drool over....Im in Scrap FX heaven *G*
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I will be sure to show you all what i create with these goodies...brb

For Keeps Publication

My most recent publication is in this months FOR KEEPS magazine. Issue #42
The single LO appears on page 67 and features one of my all time favourite photos of Lauchlan wearing my red shoes *g*


Alison Ellis Design CYBERCROP

tonight im scrapping madly...or should i say chatting madly over at AED there are 5 challenges set for tonight and its set to be a great night for getting some scrapping done...one of the challenges is to make a mothers day card - so for all those who didnt buy one (me included)..head on over.....

Today i caught up with a few of the girls from The Craft Attic we met up in Mentone at Scraptacular we had a good time chatting and checking out each others work...and then we did some shopping..
Check out the picture - LtoR: Simone, Vicky, Fleur, Cindy and Judy and down the front Sally
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We are going to try and make it a monthly event...next month we are heading to the Mornington Peninsula


Sneek Peek

Ok....I'm a little late in giving you all a sneek peek...but none the less here it is

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I was so thrilled to be asked to create a LO for Scrap FX (aussie wholesaler of scrapbooking chipboard and acrylic products) for the scrapbooking fair Picture to Page at East Burwood - Melbourne....
I used a large acrylic 'O' and created a frame with it. I engraved onto the acrylic and then placed it on a brown bazzill cardstock...to show the engraving.....
other materials i used....ribbons, silver brads, mm stickers, charm, ink....

you can check it out IRL at the Scrap FX stand at Picture to Page....

Rusty Pickle - alphabet soup mini album

As promised....but slightly delayed *g* (ooopppss)
I have sort of finished my Rusty Pickle 'alphabet soup' mini booklet

front cover
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inside 2 pages - alphabet goes right through...from A-Z (just have to add photos)
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back page - a little note from Mr Pickle
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tfl....and sorry about the wait


Ive been PICKLED

Today i did a class with Lance (Mr Pickle) from Rusty Pickle at the Scrappers Warehouse in Narre Warren...We made 'Alphabet Soup' mini albums and had loads of fun...
Here are some pics of Lance, Me and some of the girls from Scrappers Warehouse...I will upload a pic of my little book tomorrow...

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Mr Pickle (Lance) and Me!!!!
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We were all kept very busy....*g*
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Even Lance got some scrapping done....love his T-shirt!

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signing away....I asked Lance to sign my 'alphabet soup' mini album...he did...so i will upload some more pics in the morning....I had a great day....

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