Well I know ive been slack this week....but hey Ive been busy.....*G*
Ive just been told of by the lovely Tamara *g* for not having my SPT pic up so here it is....It is the back of my head (incase you didnt notice *g*) and im sitting at the computer trying to get a picture of myself up for Self Portrait Tuesday/Wednesday...... oh and its 11pm - so im not looking my best............lol
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Dont you just love the 'scrunchie' (hair accessory trend of the 90's) - I'm one of those fans that just cant get rid of my stash of scrunchies....Ive got loads of them and LOVE to wear them.......I always wear one when I go to bed....I cant sleep without tying my hair up (is that weird?)...The above blue one is my fav atm....

Oh and please excuse the mess - its not mine its DH's.....promise *G*

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Target....they are having a MASSIVE homewares sale....and I'm going to be there.....racing with my trolley and Lauchie....to get the bargains *g*

This is the list of what i want to get......

1000 thread count sheet set
Egyptian Cotton flannelette sheet set
embroidered quilt cover set
couch cover 2-3 seater
crown barstools - white x4
plateau line media platform - tv unit

ohhh and i really want the ipod...but i will have to bribe DH to get me that for my birthday.......


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