Lauchlan's 3rd Birthday Bash

Well Sunday was a great day....
We organised lauchie's 3rd birthday to be a party theme. I found some awesome things to go with the whole "Pirate Party"....
Lauchlan had a gorgeous Pirate costume on.....the full outfit....eye patch, earing, hook arm, and hat....(photos coming soon)
All his friends (and some of the uncles) dressed up too....everyone looked fantastic.....
We had a treasure hunt, pass the parcel, pin the pirate on the treasure chest and a Treasure Chest Birthday Cake with treasure too
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I was so impressed with how the cake turned out....but i burnt my 'mix master's motor' making it.....I was just not ment to cook....cant wait till I'm rich and I dont have to cook anymore (yeah when is that going to happen) and I know what you are all thinking (well those who know i did my diploma in hospitality management) - "what you dont like cooking?" - the answer is NO!!!!


Blogger Sandie said...

Great cake Fleur.....what did you come up with this year?

March 30, 2007 6:35 pm  
Anonymous app development said...

If only the coins were of real gold!

March 02, 2012 6:17 pm  

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